A truly mesmerizing memento of Beautiful British Columbia is the fun and fresh “Vineyard Snow Globe”. Inspired by the hardworking farmers and vintners of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, each snow globe acts as a vivid illustration of a successful day’s work. Our snow globes, engraved with “Beautiful British Columbia, Canada” are ideal tokens to keep, collect, or gift!

Painted Hills Holdings Inc. uses colour, imagination, and creativity to bring our products to life. Our “Vineyard Snow Globe” portrays a typical vineyard farmer from the early 19th century in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. He’s wearing a white shirt, brown trousers with suspenders, a brown hat, socks and shoes. The farmer’s hands are filled with grapes he has harvested from the vineyard, and is a testament to his hard work and patience. When you shake or turn the snow globe, you can see pleasing blue bubbles which mimic the floating and falling of delicious Okanagan grapes. Our snow globes will undoubtedly induce the delicious sweet taste of BC’s ripe grapes through our picturesque product.

Snow Globe