Exclusively designed to embody the diversity of British Columbia, these earrings are a fresh and unique souvenir. These intricately crafted earrings feature two red beads to represent the lovely local cranberries of beautiful British Columbia. With two bright green leaves, gold accents, sequined outlines, and dangling cranberries, style is definitely not compromised by comfort.

Painted Hills Holdings Inc. presents a vibrant and vivacious addition to your day with our British Columbia Cranberry inspired accessory. Perfect to gift, or to wear yourself, these earrings are an impeccable little memoir of British Columbia’s unique, fresh beauty!


The Cranberry Story

Cranberries are a red small fruit native to British Columbia, and a popular ingredient in delicious desserts, sweets and beverages. Cranberry farms are abundant in British Columbia, and Canada is the second largest producer of cranberries in the world.

Cranberry Earrings

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